Pawn Broking

GET A CASH LOAN same day.  We can loan you up to $20000 on the following items which will be kept as security until your loan is repaid.

WE ARE LOCATED AT 3 Lindsay Rd Lonsdale Adelaide South Australia


Cars, utilities , Panel Vans, Trucks and Commercial road registered vehicles up to 4500tonnes.(must be registered at time of loan)

Trailers,Caravans, Motorhomes ( Must be registered at time of loan)

Trucks and any road registered vehicle or trailer over 4500 tonnes ( Must be registered at time of loan)


I can loan you up to $20000 ( Depending on the item) cash using your item as security.
( We keep the item until the loan is paid) We will usually loan you about half the value of your item.

Minimum Loan Amount $1000


Payment will be made by CASH or CASH CHEQUE or direct Bank Deposit ( Cleared Funds) within 2 hours.

If you own your item and its  currently registered in your name and not under any finance, you can use it as security for instant cash. We will check that the item is not encumbered to any entity prior to loaning you money.

Rates: 14 DAY Redemption period

Goods Storage fee: $50 per 14 day redemption period $100 per item over 4.5t

Loan Fee: 6.6% of money lent per redemption period

Contract Fee Payable in cash upfront Prior to processing$15

Rates: Calendar MONTH Redemption Period

Goods Storage fee: $100 per item $200 per item over 4.5t

Loan Fee: 11% of Value lent First Calendar Month 6.6% for the second and Subsequent months

DISCOUNT if paid within 7 days of month 20% and within 14 days 10% of the loan fee

Contract Fee Payable in cash upfront Prior to processing$15


MINI LOAN 14 Day redemption period

For loans up to $1000 only.

Goods Storage fee: $50 per 14 day redemption period

Flat Loan fee per redemption period. $25 until loan paid in full.

Minimum principal payment of $100 per redemption period + Loan fees required.

Contract Fee Payable in cash upfront Prior to processing$5



Appointments will need to be made in advance. Please do not SMS or call, in regards to loans


If you are interested in a LOAN on your item, you can have an online appraisal prior to making an appointment. Please include the amount you wish to borrow.

You will need to include at least one photo view from all 4 corners of the item. More pictures will make your item more attractive for a loan.


What to bring with you to your appointment

1) Current Registration papers which show the correct expiry date. Renewals or expired ones not acceptable.

2) Photo Identification. Drivers Licence is acceptable , but must have the same name and address as the registration papers of the vehicle.

3) $15 Contract fee

4) Bank details for direct bank deposit. Must be in the same name.

5) Goods that you wish us to hold as security for your LOAN. ( Your car etc)



Pawn Broking Appraisal Form

Please complete the form and email to me. All questions must be answered and all photos uploaded for an answer. Please include th amount you wish to borrow

  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Make of Vehicle
    Holden, Ford
  • Year of Manufacture, Model Including and special edition
    eg: Commodore SS, Falcon XR8
  • Body Type and Colour
    Sedan White
  • Automatic or Manual?
  • Please choose the Options
    Check box if vehicle has any of the options. Do not check the box is the option does not work appropriately
  • Fuel Type
    Please check box that determines fuel type
  • KMS showing on Odometer
  • Amount of proposed Loan *
    Insert the amount of money you wish to borrow
  • Overall Condition of the Vehicle and anything that is need to be noted. *
    Please be as accurate as possible when describing your vehicle, or you may not acheive the price that is offered once you appear in person.
  • Pictures of Vehicle Photo 1 *
    Upload photos in JPG
  • Photo 2 *
  • Photo 3 *
  • Photo 4 *
  • Photo 5 *
Image Verification: *
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