Information For Customers

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Hotel accomodation across the road from $90 per day.



MY LOCATION on Google Maps

Approximately $60 Taxi Fare from Adelaide Airport



Yard open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm for veiwing

Saturdays by appointment only between 10am and 1pm

If you would like to test drive or purchase, please make an appointment

as the office is not always attended.

PHONE: 0408830353


LOCATION : 3 Lindsay Rd Lonsdale SA 5160



Is firm and includes GST which may be claimed back if you qualify.

Where the vehicle includes a Dealer Statuatory Warranty, the price may be reduced if you choose to waiver your right to have the Vehicle repaired from the Dealer. Even if you choose to do this, you can still purchase an extended Warranty



Yes We can help you with finance. We can complete an application in the office, which will be processed by our prefered broker. Applicants will be subject to a credit check so ensure that you have no defaults like unpaid telephone bills, loans etc that were taken in your name or jointly with somebody else.

Once you have selected the car of your choice  you will need to sign a contract to purchase, with minimum of $100 deposit for us to process your applicaiton. Then our finance broker will liase with you directly.They will be able to answer all your questions in regard to loan terms, interest rates and payments.

Other helpful lender information is available from one our our broker direct:


Tim Jennison

Finance Broker

M  0467001277


F  08 82325811




STEP UP LOANS for Low Income earners ( Weblink)


StepUP is a low interest loan for people on low incomes who have difficulty accessing credit from a bank. You can borrow from $800 – $3,000 with up to three years to pay it back. There are no fees.

Microfinance workers will help you to collect the documents you need, complete the application and help make sure that you can afford to repay your loan. Loans can be held in individual or joint names.

These loans are to help people to improve their quality of life and are provided on a not-for-profit basis.


Consignment Sales:


We can help you with that. We now take on selected privately owned vehicles on consignment to meet our ever growing list of buyers. 25 years selling in the Southern Suburbs has given me a large amount of happy clients , who are constantly searching for good quality Motor Vehicles.

If you have a good quality motor vehile and you are interested in consigning your Motor Vehicle for sale with me, simply email for an appointment time to meet with your car onsite for appraisal. or call 0408830353

Fees: $25 establishment fee, paperwork and PPSR $90 per fortnight consignment fee payable in advance. $250 flat final selling fee.


Vehicle Registration

All vehicles are unregistered unless otherwise stated in the advertisement.

The Sale price of the vehicle doesn’t include registration. This is an “On Road” cost to be considered when purchasing your new vehicle. A quote for the cost of this registration can be obtained by calling Service SA on, 131084 and quoting the registration number of the vehicle along with any concessions you might be eligible for.
South Australia currently does not require any form of inspection prior to registration. No roadworthy certificate or otherwise is required.
All that is a required is a completed form and your payment to be presented at any branch of Service SA, the closest being at 760 Grand Blvd, Seaford Meadows SA 5169, In the big building just past the roundabout, and your vehicle is registered.
 EZY REG DELEGATE. This means I can register your car in office at point of sale. No need to travel to Service SA. You will need a Credit or Debit card for this service

Subsequent renewals can be effected online at their website, or by telephone or at any Australia Post Branch.


Interstate Customers:

I can have the vehicle registered, in Dealers name, prior to dispatch or pickup, at your cost. Registration period can only be a maximum of 3 months. Beyond this date, Service SA will be notified that you have purchased the vehicle.


New Residents/Students/Holders of non Australian Drivers Licences:

You will need to obtain a “Client number” from any branch of Service SA to register a vehicle in South Australia in your own name. This can be effected by appearing in person with “100 Points of Identification” Usually the same amount of Identification that you used to open a bank account, should be sufficient. You only need to do this once. Your client number will remain with you for life. Once you have a SA Drivers Licence, the number is your client number. You do not need to have a drivers licence to have a vehicle registered in your name. If you need more information call Service SA on 131084


Unlimited LAYBY

If you are looking to purchase a better vehicle, but have limited funds, or are unable to obtain finance, my Layby option may suit you.
From as Little As $500 Deposit you can get into a great new car.Use this time, to sell your own car and put that amount towards the Layby. If you are expecting a Tax refund, or Centrelink family payment, you do not need to wait to secure the vehicle you want. LAYBY TODAY.


Choose the Car you want. Pay a Deposit of $500 minimum and a minimum amount of $500 per calendar Month until paid in full, then you can collect your vehicle. Car will be stored for you in a secure location during the period of your layby. Storage fees of $50 per month will apply if your layby goes over 3 calendar months.

No need to come in and make payments, you can do them at any bank branch or via internet banking. If you like we can debit your debit card for you, so that you never miss a payment.

You can make payments in person, at any branch of the National Australia Bank, via internet banking or using a credit or debit card.

If you are an interstate or remote customer and cannot make it into the yard to compete a LAYBY and Contract, please follow the information listed below, "Interstate and Remote" customers.


Mechanical Inspections

Are welcome anytime. For a professional all points inspection on site, you can check out “Motacheck” on 1300 1300 35 or on their website at,     

This is our only "Authorised inspector "       

You are welcome to bring another party to view the vehicle on your behalf. They will be unable to remove vehicle parts or components for liability reasons.

Vehicles may not be taken for inspection outside of the premises.


Interstate customers:

You may like to use this service to have a vehicle inspected on their behalf. Motacheck will liase direct with the customer. Additonal pictures and written reports can be faxed or emailed direct to you.


Remote and Interstate Customers

I am happy to assist you. Transport Quotes for vehicle transfers can best be obtained by ringing carriers close to you directly. Ceva and Toll Logistics, provide an Australia Wide Vehicle transport service and are sure to have a depot or agent close to you. You will find their information in your local telephone directory. I will provide an alternative quote once your purchase has been completed.

Email me if you are interested in purchasing and I’ll be happy to assist you in any way that I can.

Deposits/Holds/Laybys for remote customers. If you wish to pay a deposit and or Layby a vehicle and cannot come into the office to do so, you are welcome to email me a copy of your photographic drivers Licence along with written instructions on how you would like to purchase the vehicle. I will prepare the paperwork and send back to you along with payment choices. A deposit will not be accepted without a signed Contract and a vehicle will not be "held" without a deposit and sales contract


Personal Vehicle Demonstration

If you are unable to come to my yard and you live in Adelaide I am happy to deliver the vehicle personally for you to buy. This service is available by appointment and carries a $220  fee. If you purchase the vehicle, this will become the deposit and will be taken off the purchase price. Payment can be made by debit/credit card.


Credit / Debit and EFTPOS Accepted

Visa and Mastercard purchases will attract a merchant fee which is charged by the banks to process your transaction. This is currently 2.2%.

EFTPOS Transactions are free as the banks charges for these transactions are nominal.


Extended Warranty and Roadside assistance.

Everybody that owns a vehicle should have some form of Roadside assistance. You never know when your battery will be flat and you or your loved one is stuck in the middle of the night and or nowhere. Flat tyres, mechanical Failures and no petrol are more issues that can arise. It is simply commonsense to purchase a ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Policy when purchasing your car. For less then $100 per year, its sensible for peace of mind. If the vehicle cannot be fixed on the spot, you and your car can be transported to a place of repair or home.

EXTENDED WARRANTY POLICIES are available to lessen the financial impact on repairs to your vehicle post purchase. The policies are easy to understand and sensible. You can choose your own repairer, have australia wide cover and unlimited kms.

Serviceable items like clutch plate , timing belts, water hoses, brake pads etc are not covered. The policy is a priceless choice if you want cover for the expensive electrical, internal component failure and other problems that can arise from time to time. A full detailed list is available in office if you would like more information.

Simply have your book stamped at regular service intervals to maintain your policy cover.




Dealers Statuatory Warranty

No Warranty exists for Vehicles priced under $3000. If in doubt about purchasing and to give you a better idea of the condition of the vehicle, have a mechanical inspection prior to purchase or purchase an extended warranty to give you some level of protection


Licenced Motor Vehicle dealers are required to provide a Statuatory Warranty on all vehicles, that are under 15 years old and have travelled less then 200,000kms, and are priced over $3000.

Depending on the price of the vehicle this warranty will give you protection for up to 3 months or 5000kms. Qualifying vehicles are noted.

 Vehicles over 15 years, or that have travelled more then 200,000kms or are priced under $3000 have no Warranty at all and you would need to purchase an extended Warranty, to have any level of protection.

Qualifying vehicles, will not be allowed any discount or trade ins. The listed price includes the “Statuatory Warranty” and is not negotiable. You have the right to waiver that Warranty if you choose. I’d be happy to provide you further information upon request.



Please ring or email  and book a time in advance, that you can be without your car. We need to ensure that there is enough room to park your vehicle as it can be a bit hectic here. Remember some repairs can take between 1 - 5 days to complete on average so make arrangements to be without your vehicle.


When bringing in your car at your pre-arranged time:

    Please bring your purchase paperwork, including contact information, a copy of your current registration papers and drivers licence of the purchaser, and a written explanation of repairs or issues that you would like dealt with. You will need to provide this in writing so we can pass it along to our repairer. Verbal reports are not acceptable orr helpful.

Diagnosis is not covered under warranty, so any costs involved in this are not always covered by warranty. Ensure that you do not leave valuables in the vehicle as we are not responsible for any losses incurred.

    Your vehicle will need to be returned to the place of purchase if you wish to have any repairs completed under Warranty. If the vehicle is unable to be driven without causing further damage or loss, then it will need to be towed. RAA will offer a towing service or towing is available if you have purchased "Roadside assistance." at point of purchase. I cannot arrange towing for the purpose of repairs.

    Once your vehicle is finished you will be contacted on the contact information you have provided, to arrange collection of your vehicle.


I am happy to provide my customers with after sales servicing and repairs. Use my years of experience and range of great repair centres to ensure that your vehicle is maintained without paying more then you should. I can look after your Vehicle servicing and even your warranty repairs. Give me a call to book your vehicle in.



Your Trade in is welcome and an appraisal can be done upon presentation to the Card Yard. Please be advised that to obtain the best possible price for your vehicle, you are encouraged to sell it yourself. The retail value of your vehicle will not be considered for trade in allowance. I will not "Valuate" your car, as this is best left to the professionals.

If you wish to trade your vehicle, ensure that the vehicle is not encumbered (has a registered financial Interest) from a financial institution. You can call Transport SA and do a vehicle security check on 131084, and quote the Registration number, VIN number and engine number.

You will also need to bring current registration papers and produce your drivers licence for ID puposes in the same name as that registered.

Cooling Off periods

Customers have the right to "Cool off" and reconsider their purchase after signing a contract. If you wish to "Cool Off" you will need to notify your intent in writing before the end of your "Cooling Off period" You are welcome to email this through, you will lose the maximum allowable amount, which is usually your deposit if you choose to cancel the sale.  Don't forget to sign your letter and include photo ID if not presenting in person. Telephone and verbal notifications are not acceptable. For those wishing to take their vehicle before the end of the cooling off period or straight away, you will need to Sign a waiver of this right.

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